Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He Lives in a Pineapple under the Sea!

Well Day 3 at St. Marys seemed to be a success. My group had the pre-k and for our craft since it was cartoons week we made SPONGBOB SQUAREPANTS! We took little sponges and  put google eyes and arms with pipe cleaners on him. Then we gave him a tongue depressor on the back so that they could have him as a little puppet. I think the kids a lot of fun. I got to read them a book called "I love you this much" the kids were really interested in how much the little hare and big hare loved each other. I found it hard to get the kids going and interested in my game during their time in the gym, but when we started playin tag they seemed to really enjoy it. We got to observe some of the kindergarten kids to see how could they were at hopping, galloping, and running. I thought the cartoon theme went over really well and I had a lot of fun. Each time we go it gets a little easier and gives you good feed back on how you can make yourself better or make your games better.

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  1. Great work and patience with the students yesterday Hannah and great looking blog. Keep it up!