Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinosaur Train!

This week at St. Mary's our theme was Dinosaur Train. Based on a PBS show on dinosaurs (of course), where buddy a t-rex ends up in Mrs. Pteranodon nest as a baby egg. When he hatches they find that he is not theirs but they adapt him into the family. When we first go to St. Mary's we obserrved kids on their throwing and catching skills. We split up and my group was located with the older students, where we played my game, capture the dinosaur eggs.  I used plastic easter eggs as the dinosaur eggs, which made the game colorful, but it could have been dangerous if the students had stepped and slipped on them. Next time I will us the resources in the gym and just us the balls in the gym. I think that I need to find better games for the students that get them moving and having fun. I saw that the students weren't having as much, maybe because they were tired but good games should still get them excited and active.

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