Monday, January 31, 2011

chpt 1 summary

        It is important for students to learn the fundamental skills needed to become a physically educated person. Therefore physical education teachers must develop these skills in class, through the three domains of learning, motor, cognitive, and affective. Developing these three domains will make each student a well rounded individual with motor behavior, thinking, and social skills. As we teach these skills and develop skills it is important to have assessments to make sure that the students are learning and developing the skills that we are trying to teach. It is important that the skills that we are teaching can be carried over into the future. With the increase in obesity, in-school violence, and early puberty it is important to give students skills that can be used outside of school and that could turn these three problems around. Physical activity has the health benefits needed to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness. It can also be used to keep children out of trouble, with after school activities, instead of being on the street. Along with that it can give a child a sense of identity for those that may develop faster or more than others their age. In school being the tall goofy kid may not be so much fun, but on the basketball court it can be a confidence booster. Therefore it is important to develop skills, standards, and benchmarks, so that you can assess the level each of your students is at. Then you can help them achieve a goal realistic for them and something that they enjoy doing so that they can become a physically active and educated person throughout their whole life.

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